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Contract Wars Hack & Cheats – Tips and Tricks

In this guide we’ll go over how to build the best possible skill tree. You must remember, that skills tree vary from Player to Player and depend on playing style, the types of game modes that you played and the maps you play.  All of those come into account when deciding what is the best possible skill tree for a certain place, and I will help you guys decide what will be best abilities for you.

I’m going to go over some good resources when deciding on  your build  and just give a brief insight on my opinion on what are best builds and combinations combinations that work and whatnot.  This is going to be a very in-depth guide so I hope you guys enjoy this type of tips and tricks article, and if you want to see more this let me know in the comments section using the contact form.

contract wars online hack tool 2017Alright, so let’s start by looking at the three basic types of skill trees. Firstly we got the sniper /marksman tree. I like to call it marksman because you don’t necessarily have to use sniper rifles when you obtain a sniper base ability so the path is going to be based around high accuracy, which is the strongest point, but it is going to sacrifice damage in comparison to assault build. However, you are going to have increased versatility and awareness with this setup. For example, operator which increases the aim to site speed by thirty percent and the attention perk which also increases your awareness on the battlefield which is actually very vital component when focusing on a sniper based skill tree. So this setup is very good and I found that the skill tree that is a very good combo with the destroyed skill tree because the destroy can actually potentially really decrease your recoil and what not even if you get fire step it’s a very very good combo with high accuracy you’re gonna make sure you land pretty much every shot.

Alright, so the second type of skill tree is going to be assault. It is good for hard-hitting, powerful playing style and I by this I mean it’s versatile so you can use it in closer quarters, medium and even longer ranges and this build offers you have high damage which is very good. This is a very good combo with the destroyed setup,  I see a lot of people like to use that fire staff on assault skill tree, you go down to the all the way down on destroy to to acquire fire step which actually really helps out assault rifles that have quite fast fire rate.

Anyways the third type of skill tree is going to be CQC which is close close quarters combat and this is obviously the best choice for closer quarters and maps like a five for example and this is great for moving quick and being versatile, and it is a fantastic combo with assault and this is actually my favorite skill tree (close-quarter / assaults which I actually use on main account).

cheat codes for contract warsAlright so now that we went through the basic types of abilities and I’m going to show you guys a great resource if you aren’t aware of that, it is actually very very unusual when you’re trying to create your skill tree. The tool is website called contract wars calculator (i will put a link in the description down below). Basically this website shows all these skills that are in the game even the clan skills so you can basically calculate how much skills you can afford in in accordance to how much SP you have so it basically if you have to manage SP you can spend on a skill tree you can head over to this website and you can check what you can afford and if you can afford to squeeze in these skills that you think you could have, and it is actually very useful tool because it also shows the summary skills you can check with the skills actually do, etc. and you can also see the weapon sets and the status of the weapons. All in all, it is a very very useful tool I recommend you just go check it out especially when you want to create a build and if you guys were wondering how much SP actually have on your accounts all you have to do is head over to your skill tree in game and you can check that speaks directly there unless you already spent all your SP or you know on the more majority of sp and you don’t know exactly how much you can just press the reset button.

So the next step would be to actually to apply your knowledge and these resources to making your own build. I’m not gonna give you guys exactly a template of what to follow as for what skills you could get because as I said earlier in the video skills vary from Player to Player it depends on your playing cell so you really have to do this experiment and ultimately just read the descriptions of the skills and see what benefits you most.

play contract wars hackedNow, I’m gonna give you guys a couple tips, so first of all armor is quite important. I didn’t find that anything over 40 armor is really that beneficial so I’d go up to 40 armor on if you want to go to hire you could but I would personally save that SP for some other skills and a force on going down to obtain the 15 weapon damage is also very beneficial in the assault three is again a really good it is a really good weapon (I did a video and my channel you want to check it out) and you know decide if it’s worth spending SP to get it through. With the Scout skill tree is that you can get respect weapons but the thing is you can have to spend a lot of SP and actually sacrifice getting other skills are there other vital skills from like the assault category see what I did on my count was kind of the combination of assault and Scout so I obtained the videos which I actually really like is my favorite up in the game right now so I went down just to get the VTS. Now, the really vital if you don’t want to get the videos or let’s say be happy five st you could just go down to get the reload speed and the real speed is you know it’s quite important so it’s up to you how far you want to go in the scalp skill tree. It’s also based on speed and versatility so if you’re towards more a cqc style gameplay you pay much use with any other skill at least until the point where the skills where you get the thirty percent aim down sight speed that is very important especially those reporters and even farther ranges it just gives you a lot of versatility so I definitely recommend you do that, and that’s pretty much it. The destroyer class definitely is definitely fire stabilization is definitely something to consider. I personally don’t really need it, I mean I’d like it but I’d rather save my speed is it something else.

Contract Wars Hack No Survey

So that is pretty much my views on the best build guide, hope you liked it. Also, have some fun with my Contract Wars Hack Online tool! See you guys in my next guide!

social wars hack tool online cheats and tricks

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